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Sabrina Peck has been passionate about telling young people's stories since she was in college and founded CityStep--a citywide public school program encouraging self-expression through dance and drama. Since then, she has created many original works with and about young people, integrating their experiences and points of view into fresh and compelling theatrical productions.

"Sabrina Peck has found a way to uncork the wild energy inside every 12-year-old and spray it out over the audience like so much champagne."
—The Boston Phoenix

CityStep 2019
CityStep 2019

CityStep Values: Mentorship
CityStep Values: Mentorship

CityStep Penn Danceshop
CityStep Penn Danceshop

CityStep Teacher-Training Retreat 2018
CityStep Teacher-Training Retreat 2018

Composition Workshop with CityStep Teachers
Composition Workshop with CityStep Teachers

CityStep video
Photo Essay Press

CityStep is an award-winning performing arts partnership between universities and surrounding public schools that is a force for positive change in the lives of young people. I created the CityStep program while a student at Harvard as a way to encourage creative self-expression and mutual understand among city kids. I also hoped to give college students a profound experience of community engagement. CityStep Harvard continues to thrive, entirely student-run. Other campuses have followed suit: CityStep Penn, CityStep Princeton and CityStep Yale. Each year, teams of college students in each city teach a yearlong CityStep dance-theater curriculum in the schools. Each spring, over 100 kids from across each city collaborate on an original dance production about a theme relevant to the children's lives, performed for a large, diverse community/college audience. Recently, the nonprofit was formed to strengthen the current companies, codify best practices, and help bring CityStep to more cities.

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CityStep Harvard
CityStep Penn
CityStep Princeton
CityStep Yale

  To The River

The conversion of New York City's pier 25 into a glorious park was the inspiration for To the River, sponsored by Dancing in the Streets and the Hudson River Park Conservancy. I led three weeks of workshops with 40 children from NYC's Chelsea and Clinton neighborhoods, generating movement, dance and scenes, and recording interviews with them about their memories of water and impressions of the Hudson River. For many kids living right nearby, the performance and the new park brought them to the banks of the Hudson for the first time.

Photos Video

I directed Everybody Over Here, an exuberant on-air promotion for the Nickelodeon Channel, with a group of New York City kids. The material grew out of a day-long workshop in creative movement, collaboration and self-expression, filmed by talented cameraman Russell Fine at the Sailor's and Soldiers monument. Producer Alicia Sams and I co-edited.

  Present Tense

Present Tense grew out of my two-week Artist-in-the-Schools residency at Martha's Vineyard High School, sponsored by The Yard. Aided by my collaborators, I worked with theatre arts students on an original piece about growing up on the Island, with its rugged seas and challenging winters. I used interviews, writing exercises and movement improvisations to generate the material, then interwove music and sound. The students chose to perform the 20-minute piece for the entire school. Afterward, their peers expressed respect at the way these students from different social circles had formed such a strong ensemble, sharing material that was personal and challenging.

  Odakle Ste

Where are You From, Where are You Now, Where are You Going? was the culmination of my residency in a refugee camp in Croatia, where I worked with Bosnian Muslim teens. Collaborator Sonja Kuftinec and I conducted writing and movement workshops, shaping and developing the material into a profoundly moving performance that we presented to the camp's residents. This was perhaps the most challenging and rewarding project I have ever undertaken. Learn more about Odakle Ste.

  Too (2) Noble Brothers

A collaboration with over 200 students at Seward Park High School on Manhattan's Lower East Side, Too (2) Noble Brothers was an original adaptation by members of Cornerstone Theater Company of Shakespeare's final play, The Two Noble Kinsmen. The production was sponsored by the Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Festival. As a longtime affiliated artist with Cornerstone, I choreographed the production, which included dialogue and song lyrics in Bengali, English, Mandarin and Spanish.

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