Sabrina Peck profile picture About Sabrina Peck

“Sabrina has a gift for gently coaxing stories from people of all ages and backgrounds and shaping them into theater, telling the stories that often get ignored. . . She is one of those rare people who possess the energy and enthusiasm to inspire and ignite—but also the deep respect for other points of view that facilitates productive collaboration. She is one of my longest-term and most cherished colleagues.”

—Bill Rauch, Artistic Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival;
Co-Founder, Cornerstone Theater Company.

“Sabrina worked with Amy [Brenneman] as a writer to create a performance that was personal, humorous, and powerful. Mouth Wide Open was a thrilling example of Sabrina’s ability to use movement and dance to amplify emotional truth, reveal unspoken aspects of a character, and tell a story.”

—Diane Paulus, Artistic Director, American Repertory Theatre

“Sabrina Peck is an artist of infectious charm and rare intelligence. I have only known her to elevate the work of her collaborators by running with the best ideas, letting the bad ones fall of their own weight, and improving those in between. She is one of a handful of choreographers, in my experience, who have found consistently original and compelling modes of staging for music theatre.”

—James Bundy, Artistic Director, Yale Repertory Theatre;
Dean, Yale School of Drama

“Sabrina is that rare thing, a theater artist with her own vision, yet deeply attentive to the vision of others. I applaud her work.”

—Robert Brustein, Founding Artistic Director, American Repertory Theatre